My Peru Journey: Third Ayahuasca Ceremony Experience

If you just started reading from this post you might want to read the previous post.  This post will talk about my Second Ayahuasca Ceremony.

So here we are.  The Third Ayahuasca Journey of my 10 day “La Dieta”.  Not only has it been life changing it has been incredible feeling the energy, discovering how we are one and seeing how we are all connected.  Sure many people in this path feel it but what Ayahuasca has helped me is to visualize a lot of the things that you read about.  My Third experience well this is that experience.

LoveGodandFaithThe third night of my ceremony was in full moon night.  Very powerful moon.  People say that in the full moon energy, one should release what we carry at that time.  If you are carrying a burden or anger about something, let the moon take it.  Other people say give it to God. While others say go to a psychiatrist.   The truth about all of this is YOUR belief is what will get you through your tribulations.

No matter what you consider as God, it is up to you to believe it.  If it’s energy, great.  If it’s a superior being, great.  If it’s an all knowing power, fine.  The answer really is more about you.  What do you believe?  Some people will tell you their way is the right way but when you look at everything, what is true? Faith is about trusting what YOU believe and that energy is very healing.

Some things are scientifically proven, while others are about faith.  Ah yes faith and science, those are always the hot topics.  God after all cannot be explained by scientist and some scientist believe that there is no God.  I will not tell you what I believe because honestly, your faith is what is true to you.  If you are a scientist, understand that ScienceandFaitheven science is faith.  Science, while it is judged by other scientist, still relies on on someone elses interpenetration of the data.  The tests will prove it to be correct or incorrect and sometimes they go back and find out that what they now know is not accurate for how they tested something back then.  Think about this, science is always correcting itself, it’s always saying that some new discovery happened, something that was true before was no longer true, so to say science is not faith and yet you are trusting that the people that tested everything is correct.  How many people were ridiculed about their discoveries to later become accepted as fact and then it comes back around and it is changed because someone went deeper with it and discovered even more things that unvalidated the previous claims.  It happens and it continues to happen now, especially now that we are really getting further into other sciences.  Even newer sciences are starting to say that some of the understandings we had about our universe cannot be explained because the results vary depending whether we are observing them or not.  Weird, don’t you think?  Results change if you interact with them?

Yes, I rambled, though this point is very important, everything you experience when doing and Ayahuasca ceremony is some faith, some science and a personal belief that this is what you want to do.  YOU MUST BELIEVE!  Our mind is so powerful that even when people are taking “modern” medicine it does not work for them because they are so far down the emotional turmoil and give up.  Remember the placebo effect? That is living proof that we can heal ourselves as long as we believe and release our emotional chains!

My Third Ayahuasca experience was definitely a different experience than the last two.  Remember I been taking my master plant, Bachuja and have been doing these DSCN2381ceremonies while following a very strict diet.  We are now in a new center.  We are still in the jungle but now we have our own private space.  Everybody is in their own little house and also has running water.  It’s not roughing it but it’s not complete luxury hotel room experience.  Remember I am in the jungle.  To me, any comfort like a toilet, shower, etc. I take!  While I like backpacking, I am happy that this experience has some modern conveniences.  I am so happy I do not have to be in a Lean-To like shamans did in the earlier years.

A couple of hours before the ceremony we went through a Sweat Lodge experience.  One of the most beautiful experience that helps your body and spirit release many toxins.  It helps purify the soul.  These are ancient traditions that have been carried over and over through generation of generations of various indigenous cultures.  The Sweat Lodge was amazing, it was an experience that really cannot be talked about because you must be there to understand what happens to you during that time and yes… the name is correct…. YOU SWEAT!

So once we finished the sweat lodge, a couple of hours later it is ceremony time.  It is pouring down rain, I put on my rain gear and start walking to the temple.  I have to admit, after being in the Sweat Lodge then walking through the rain was very refreshing.  I finally get to the temple and an hour or so later the ceremony begins.  I go to the Shaman and drink my Ayauhasca once more.  Then wait.

Once again another 45 minutes or so pass and I feel the tingling sensations.  Very familiar since I’ve been through it various times already.  I’ve learned to surrender a lot easier and once again, the snake goes through my back.  I feel my Root Chakra Light up and I purge energy once again.  She tells me to lay down, so I do.

Energy and Sacred GeometryAs I start laying there, my mind starts to talk, my body twitches.  It surprises me because that has not happened to me before and I go… “what the…..”!  I start seeing the sacred geometry and then my mind starts to ask questions and I twitch to the point it moves me.  All of the sudden I start seeing some dark clouds, I wonder what that is and begin to ask her then I twitch.  This continues through what I think is a few hours.  A vision happens and as I start to ask a question I twitch.  It happens so often that I find myself twitching so much that my body turns to the left or right or just lay flat.  I feel like a rotisserie chicken!  Over and over again it continues.  Finally, I get exhausted and it comes to me.  My mind is talking to much and I am not trusting what I feel.  Once again I hear “Pay Attention”  as I learn to not ask and trust my inner emotions.

I see images like the one by this paragraph. You can click it to make it larger if you like.  I am not an artist by trade so you will have to use your imagination a little.  Well maybe a lot.  The only way I can explain it is that it’s a moving puzzle.  She tells me “pay attention” and I begin to notice that those little things in Soldiers in the Amazon Ayahuasca Journeythat image are little soldiers.  it’s the ones that look like little triangles on a stick, like little flags.  As something changes in the room those soldiers move.  If someone purges the move in circular fashion towards the center.  The soldiers move more and more as people are moving and talking or doing whatever they are doing.  It’s like the fuel for the energy in the room.  Those soldiers are cleaning the room.  If you look at the picture It goes in a Fibonacci spiral. Obviously it looks small because it is on paper but it actually was huge in my vision.  Fibonacci Spiral Ayahuasca And Sacred GeometryI am in awe once again seeing something I had not seen before.  I am learning.  I have stopped asking questions and now I am being “trained”.  She makes sure I pay attention because anytime I ask a question, my body twitches very strongly.  I also am noticing that as people are going through some troubling moments, I see those energies in some type of form.  Sometimes the form is a black cloud, sometimes it’s a certain type of sound wave or even just little lines that well… make absolute no sense.  I don’t get any visions this time around just various symbols.  All sacred geometry again.

At a certain point during my journey I am asked many questions.  Internal questions asked by her and she continues asking question after question.  It was funny because as I was asked questions, they were questions I had never thought about and I would answer with… no, yes, or I don’t like that or whatever the answer was.  Here I am talking to a plant?!?  What is this going on… I once again… Trust it.  I have faith that she is showing me what I need to learn.  The question drilling Questionsdid feel like an interrogation yet it did get me the answer that I was not realizing I had until I was asked about every possible situations/scenario of the way my life would go.  Question after question kept coming until it was no longer any doubt  that this is what I was going to do and finally it comes to end and I get the message… “You are a messenger”.  Those questions took me to a point where I had no more excuses, if my conscious mind was answering… I would twitch confirming that was not my true answer.  Amazing how this works because  I’ve always wanted to write and speak and do various things but for some reason I still could not believe it.  Though somehow, after all the questions I was asked during this ceremony, I knew for a fact that is my direction for this point in my life.  Now… I have to integrate that into my life.  This blog is the beginning of what is more to come.  I will be a “Messenger”.    Funny that I knew it in my head and yet my heart was not connected to that.  Remember my conversation with the Shaman on my second post about my Ayahuasca journey?  He said something about these plants were going to stabilize my heart.  I found that or so I thought.

I felt so exhausted after all those questions.  The Shaman passes and comes and approaches me and asks me how I am… I tell him… “I am a messenger.” I say that without any doubt.  That is what I will do.

The moon shines beautiful and after the Shaman goes through and clears us with Mapacha smoke.  I begin to get sleepy… the night fades… the ceremony slowly ends into dawn.

This third journey was amazing.  While I thought this was it for me my Fourth Journey was going to go further in and show me more.  I thought I had it all figured out.  Ayahuasca had more to show me.

I will write my next journey soon.  Please feel free to ask questions.  I truly am open and any questions.  Write them below or follow me on Facebook.